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My Boler

Love at first sight.

In April of 2013 I fell in love with a 1976 Boler camper.  She was a little run down but I knew with some elbow grease I could restore her to her former glory. It turned out, as it often does when you leap into the unknown, it needed a LOT of elbow grease. But I was determined to to do it, and do it right.

The tear down.

When I first brought it home I began by tearing everything out that I could remove. That's when I found all the things wrong with it that I hadn't seen through my initial rose-coloured glasses.

I removed all the swollen cupboards doors, sanded 6 layers of paint off, had it lifted off the frame so the frame could be welded and painted, removed the flooring and scraped the old glue off, took out all the windows (cleaned metal and replaced cranks and screens), removed the door (fiber-glassed the cracks and rehung with new hinges), took off all metal hardware (scraped off paint and reattached), and the list goes on and on.

Below are some renovation compilations I made during the progress. Once I have finished the few things I have left and get my curtains in I will update this page. For now, look how amazing my little camper looks after three long years!

Everything removed right down to the shell, all paint sanded off (took 3 weeks) and shell removed from frame.

First image is how it looked when I bought it, then everything taken out and finally new cupboards and a salvaged original Boler 3-way fridge.

New cupboards, hardware, flooring and a kick plate under the table (where I found it had been smashed from the outside).

Vents and metal Boler decal cleaned of paint and put back on.

I had the usual problem with sagging door. It was also cracked. I sanded, fiber-glassed the door and added new hinges, which helped the sag.

New seals and Plexiglas windows.

Windows removed, taken apart, cleaned of paint, new screens and seals added and new cranks replaced broken ones.